Friday, March 02, 2007

We have lift off

As you may have noticed, my more recent blog entries have been photo posts.
It's not that I have been lazy to write, it's just that they are the fastest to post while my my boss isn't looking.

A few months ago, I did an photo shoot for a cooking oil ad. The feel of the ad was meant to be clean, pure, healthy, virginal and whatever other words that are or can be associated with the colour white.

I was very happy, because I like being associated with such words.

I kept in touch with the Creative Director of the advertising agency that was responsible for the ad. One day, he dropped me an email with a couple of image attachments, telling me that I have a new set of puppies.

Puppies? Ooh, I loooooove puppies. I like cocker spaniel puppies and shi tzu puppies and dalmatian puppies and chow chow puppies and bullmastiff puppies and Australian Te-

Hey, me no see no doggie-woggies. Let's open the next attachment.

Now wait a minute, he said I have a new set of pup- ......Oh.

(For those whose observation skills are less than average, take a closer look at the limbs and, erm, torso.)

I expressed my concern to the creative director dude. Unfortunately, my body image was distorted upon the request of the client, who wanted me to have look more 'wholesome'.

Okay, there were three ways to take a bit of workload off the poor graphic designer who must have weaved miracles into this little piece of graphic tapestry:

1) Just seek a more 'wholesome'-looking talent,
2) Make me pose in a way that shows off less tricep and more so-called baby canines
3) Ask a tard if she would like to play a game with socks...

The last option of which I feel she would be more than obliging.