Friday, January 27, 2006


I usually prefer my blog to be tag-free, but when Midnite Lily passed this particular baton over, despite me revealing a similar set of answers in a previous post, I found it too ironic to not consider.

The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner. Need to mention the sex of the target. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged. if tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

Target of perfect partner:
Male (for the most part)

My perfect partner is:
1. Tolerant
2. Compromising
3. Floppy-fringed (I thought I grew out of this but I was proven wrong)
4. Respectful to music
5. A logical thinker
6. A hopeless dreamer
7. A best friend
8. Willing to explain to me, scene by scene, what is happening in a movie that surpasses my realms of comprehension

Anyone who wants to get tagged, please be my guest. (I'm too lazy to run, and too unfit to catch up on anyone.)

The irony in this is that I received this tag the same day we decided we were ready to take the next step. It will be my second relationship after 20 months of self-reliant comedy, drama, action and suspense. I'm glad we took our time. He's given me a fresh new reason to grab a bad day by the balls and say "Screw you, I'm happy."

Happy being deceptively understated, of course. Now bring it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A day that will live in infamy

When "It's a wrap!" was said for the last time, the cast and crew drowned in a flood of emotions. It was particularly overwhelming for those whom had been with the project from the very beginning, like Arivind who wrote and directed, and his friend Bahir who was the production manager/associate producer. They were dazed and knackered, but you could see they were bathing in silent bliss.

January 22nd is a date that holds fond memories. Not only did it mark the final day of the shoot of S'kali, but it also found me on the performance stage of a certain band whom, next to The Beatles, has affected my life on a fairly substantial level.

Jamiroquai has helped me understand the joys of musical obsession. I started out relatively late, with an appreciation for their work only surfacing in late 1999. But I caught on quick. My fondness for the funk in Synkronized lead me to trace back their beginnings, and the moment I read vocalist Jay Kay's idealistic rant in the CD inlay of Emergency On Planet Earth and felt the earthy vibe of the didgeridoo, I knew our affair was set in stone.

A few years had barely passed, but by the time news had broke about the inclusion of Singapore in their Funk Odyssey tour, I was a soul-starved gremlin.

Exactly four years after, I would have never expected yet another dream fulfilled.

I'll be putting up posts in the S'kali Production blog soon. In the meantime, if I haven't raved about it to you personally, you can get a recap of what happened when Jay Kay read out a banner made by a retard in cowprint pants.

Link 1
Link 2

Monday, January 23, 2006

All of a sudden

This morning, I wake up groggily to the perky alarm of my mobile phone.
I take my shower. I use my shower gel, my shampoo, my conditioner, all from my little toiletry basket.
I dry myself down. I run my fingers through my hair, slap on some moisturizer and refrain myself from grabbing the foundation. My face feels naked.
I take out a random shirt and a random pair of slacks, both of which I put on in a random fashion. I feel blissfully unkept.
I pack my handbag, head downstairs and watch myself pour raisin bran into a bowl of soymilk.
I head out the front gate and pull out my mules from under the shoe rack. It is covered in Crystal's fur. I refuse to dust it off.
I start the car engine and wait for my parents to get into the car.
I join the rush hour crowd on the train and wait by the bus stop for the shuttle to take me to my office site.
I walk to Block 29, enter the lift and press the button for the fifth floor. The doors open. I take a long, deep breath. I open the door to my office.
To mom's cooking.
To movie outings with friends.
To the used scent of my pillow.
To the confines of my blog that is retardation.
Normalcy has never needed so much getting used to.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Let the madness begin

This is the post that will reflect my cool composure for the next two weeks.

Hee-yeah, right.

The shoot for S'kali the movie starts next Monday, so I'll be MIA on this blog until 23rd January. You can keep yourself updated in the meantime with the production blog.

To all my friends who have supported my involvement in this film, thanks a million and I will do the best on my part to make sure the final product will not disappoint.

And please. Until I get a starring role opposite Mr. Phoenix, please stop asking me for autographs.

Give my agent a call instead.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yesterday came suddenly

Who says the eternal being does not exist?
Who says the sun has gone out?
Someone who climbs up on the roof and closes his eyes tight,
and says, I don't see anything.

- Jalal al-Din Rumi

Farewell, baby girl.
I'll look you up when I get there.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crystal Clear

"So, she’ll probably die from that?" my father asked.

"Yes, most likely," Dr. Yeoh answered matter-of-factly, his hand cupping the mass of hardened tissue dangling from her armpit.

I found out from the vet yesterday that my older dog’s tumors are malignant. The chances of her contracting mammary cancer were heightened as we didn’t have her spayed. Another vet had previously said that it was nothing more than a harmless cyst. I had suspected otherwise when I felt it had swelled to the size of a golf ball in a matter of months, with another lump starting to form on her stomach. An operation for removal could cause the cancer cells to spread to other organs, and that is if she is strong enough to survive the operation.

We had taken Crystal checked out because she’s been suffering from severe urinary problems. She’s been put on antibiotics but even if she overcomes this obstacle, that backyard in the sky is still around the celestial corner.

She’s had her faults, and boy, has she committed countless sins in her heyday, but I’ve always found a part of me that could forgive her. She almost slipped past my fingers twice with jaundice occurring in 2000 and again three years later. Now, at the extremely ripe old age of 14 (multiply that with seven for human years and that’s a bit short of astonishing), I'll have to inevitably agree it’s just about that time where she takes a permanent breather.

To a loyal guardian and a dear friend who has watched me grow, who has seen me in all my hours of grimness and glory, who has made me weep, laugh and learn to love... Let’s keep it great til the end.