Wednesday, February 06, 2008

But I don't wanna grow up...

Since the last post, I guess you can figure that a lot has changed. And you're probably right. It would be interesting to get an outsider's point of view about how my life has been going because I'm suspecting that I'm not much of a credible source anymore. You know when you watch a war movie with all those soldiers stumbling around in an aimless daze right after a bomb has exploded real close to them? I think I sorta kinda feel like that.

There's been loads stuff that's been blowing up in my face... family stuff, work stuff, relationship stuff, pretty much the basic things that most people function on and take for granted these days... I miss the normalcy of it all. I catch myself complaining about it sometimes, despite the fact that on a bigger-picture comparison, I know that I've gotten away with tribulation very lightly. It scares me how spoilt I can be. But I'm constantly trying to find ways to learn from this new direction.

Anyways on a slightly more entertaining note, my latest acting project is a regular stint on an little online project called The writer/director/main actor Douglas Lim took his cue from The Office and Extras and created a mini mockumentary series that rides on similar dry wit with a Malaysian touch. Douglas plays a talent manager trying to kickstart his new agency, and I play one of his 'Artiste Development Program' students who eventually doubles as his PA. Although people may accuse the series of bring a complete rip-off of Rick Gervais's work, I personally think it's a fantastic effort to introduce the concept of self-deprecating comedy to the Malaysian public. All 20 episodes run for less than five minutes each, and a new one is uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday on It was done on a shoestring budget and with skeletal crew, but I personally find the script hilarious and I think for that alone, it deserves a chance to be watched even if I wasn't in it!

That's it for now, gotta get back to work now. Doesn't even feel like the Eve of Chinese New Year. I think I've forgotten what reunions are all about...

Amidst all this numbness, I do admit that it does feel good coming back to this blog.