Wednesday, March 05, 2008

X marks the spot

Love can make you do some pretty crazy things.

It can make people spend money.

It can make people make sacrifices.

And it can make the most ignorant retard in Malaysia want to vote.

Yes, I love my country too much to let my trademark naivete get the better of me this time round. Personally I never thought I'd be the sort who would've ever been able to understand the mechanics of our 'democracy' thoroughly enough to know what's good for my country. I chose to be ignorant because I felt that politics had nothing to do with me and would not affect me in any way as long as I looked the other way. But I've come to realize 2 things:

1) That no matter how indirectly it happens, the way a country is ruled inevitably permeates the way every one of its citizens leads his or her everyday life.

2) That I don't have to be a political scientist to understand the importance of voting. A government like Malaysia's proves its incompetency so audaciously that even a dullard such as yours truly will know that something is just not right anymore.

The thought of voting intimidates me - the process, the logistics, the act of contibuting to the fate of my country, knowing that I'm capable of making a decision that could result in something better or worse for everyone. At the same time, it's kind of weird-exciting. I'm glad I've finally decided to do my best to find out what I want for Malaysia, for myself, for my future generations. It's not an obligation as much as it is a favour.

A change, anyone?