Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Return of the Space Cowboy

Last Monday was just like any other uneventful Monday, except with that little extra buzz of romance in the air. My office being next to a shopping mall, it was hard to escape the vibes when I hopped over for lunch. A melting pot of hearts, expensive menus and men flocking to greeting card shops; the day was a complete excuse to go overboard with Public Displays of Affection. I thought I was taking it quite well, considering the fact that I was unattached this year.

As the hours tick by in my dimly-lit office, and after deciding to scrap the speed-dating plans for that evening, I start sending out online greetings to friends on my chat list and networking websites. Out of the blue, another unassuming little chat window pops up and blinks at me. I blink back. It's from Nick.

Nick and I go pretty far back. And the funny thing is, we've never met before. He was my first boyfriend of sorts. Quite a strange start to the world of relationships.

In a nutshell: 2001. Kuala Lumpurian Davina meets Liverpudlian Nick through online forum. Nick and Davina are hi-bye acquaintances. Nick and Davina find out they have similar interests. Nick and Davina start chatting more. Nick and Davina start growing feelings for each other. Nick and Davina start online relationship which lasts over a year. Nick and Davina correspond via chat, webcam, emails, letters, phonecalls etc. Nick decides to visit Malaysia and look for work. Davina tells parents. Parents go cuckoo. Parents stop relationship and all form of contact between Nick and Davina. The End.

Fast forward two years to 2005. So, having the assumption that I'll never be hearing from him for the rest of my days, I get this surprise message from Nick just to say Hi. The conversation starts off a little awkward but we end up catching up on families, friends, relationships, hobbies, work... you know, the whole shebang. And as we talk, that time gap just seems to erase itself. We've been talking nonstop since, just like the good ol days. The affections are still a tad lingering and so is the pain of the past, but we're older, wiser, and never happier with our lives. And just to know that he's still around, hasn't changed one bit, and seizing every day with all he's got, has undoubtedly been the best Valentine's Day gift I've ever received.


Blogger Albert said...

Where is this speed-dating thing?

9:46 AM  
Blogger Paul Tan said...

hey, i remember you telling me about this guy.

1:39 AM  

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