Thursday, January 18, 2007

Double shot


Dudes, this is unreal.

I honestly wasn't expecting either prize, and was instead preparing to thank all my friends for believing in me in the face of obvious defeat.

So to bag not only the People's Choice but also the Grand Prize is unbelievably hard to register. You may check the YouTube files on the above link to witness a real-time demonstration. (They left out the second half of my pseudo-acceptance speech, where I didn't sound as disjointed.)

I almost didn't go for this particular Cicak gathering. Running on three hours' worth of sleep, I literally grabbed the first set of clothes I saw on my bed and rushed out of the house that morning to run some errands, and my day didn't start off very well either. Frumpy and grumpy is not a recommended combination for first impressions. But I made it - ironically I was the only shortlisted writer who could - and was handsomely rewarded for my efforts. I honestly feel quite guilty for sweeping the awards, as the other shortlisted articles deserve just as much if not more recognition. Like I've said before, I have no idea what the judges would have seen in my article, but whatever it is, it slipped past my radar. I suppose all I can do is just be thankful. Hope I don't miss it when it gets published in The Sun.

Still disliking how 'blah' I looked at the announcement ceremony, though. Amazing to note how much fatigue can sever the direct relation between emotions and facial mobility.

Thank you so much, everyone. You've been awesome.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gorgeous Night Out

I wasn't planning to blog about this - which would explain the monotonous smiling - but I've been asked by many about how it went and if I won. To answer the second question, no. But I'm glad I didn't as I wouldn't have had as much fun if I did. Which leads me to answer the first question. Female Magazine's 50 Gorgeous People Party was kickin'. And what better way to start off the new year than with Retardation Nation's first-ever camwhore post.

The publicity event held three weeks before at One Utama was a far cry of a hint of what was in store. Only half of the fifty were called to parade ourselves in the flesh. We played the mandatory time-for-some-wholesome-shopping-mall-entertainment game, together with reluctant participants that were pried away from the crowd with due credit given to the hardworking emcee. It involved blowing balloons until they popped. Never before have I had my palms excrete their own sweat so efficiently. At least I can safely brag that I was one of very few girls who popped her balloon without the secret aid of fingernails.

The day of the Finals party at Zouk was a long one. Since makeup and hair could only be done at a handful of people at a time, some of the fifty were called in to the venue as early as 2pm (the show was slated to start at 8pm). My calltime was 4pm. With a mini pre-birthday celebration the night before gone a little awry, I rolled out of bed looking a little scruffier and moodier than usual. I tossed on my usual random tee & jeans get-up and dragged my feet to the venue from the Dang Wangi train stop, my arrival at Zouk prompting 'And you are here for...?' glances from everyone I passed. So to say that the makeover crew did a sensational job in making me look a little more decent for the occasion would still be considered a perverted understatement.

The 49 other people in the list looked attractive in the magazine. Many looked even better in person.

Ringo and Mabel testify.

According to the random order in the magazine, Samantha Hepburn is Gorgeous Person #1. In my personal ranking, she doesn't budge much from that position. She's one of the most genuine people I had the honor of befriending from the event. She's everything I'm not: young, smart and breathtaking by default. Bless her.

Coery was one of two good friends who were part of the list. Coery's a party queen. She also happens to be very tall. Men with fragile egos need not apply.

Razif is the second friend. He came to the club with a busted shoulder from a cartwheel gone wrong during a musical performance examination the day before. I'm glad he pulled through the entire evening. That boy works too hard for his own good. He has my heart all the same.

A few of my best mates came to offer their moral support: Razzaq, Kenny...

...and the inspiration behind the title of this blog, Stephanie Sharon.

Channel [V] presenters Sarah and Dom hosted the party. It started out with a couple of speeches, and a video presentation that showed the selection process of the ten semi-finalists. With noone even knowing that there was going to be a showdown of any sort, all fifty were ushered on stage, the top ten were announced, and the loser forty were ushered back down. But with a free flow of alcohol and finger food awaiting us at the VIP area, who had the right to kick up a fuss?

The entertainment factor that night was also kept us pretty... stimulated.

Ringo introduced me to her friend, Kenny. I gave him a casual handshake and gasped.

"Kenny... Kenny SIA?!"

"Er, yeah!"

I went bonkers. He laughed and said he was recognized whilst waiting around at the entrance of the club, but that nothing would have prepared him for something remotely close to a girl dropping to her knees to worship him, which I had just done without thinking twice.

The bloggers three

Ringo and I hanging out with Justin Chan, who won the title of Most Gorgeous Male...

Justin: Hey girls, what do you think of my air piano? *Does vocal rendition of Chopin*
Ringo: Wow, that's like, totally rad!
'Tard: Man, I shouldn't have eaten so much beans for lunch...

'Tard: Hey guys, we are so, erm... happening! YEAH! WHOO! High five my homies!
Ringo: ...And here's my little poochie! I call her Puffy. By the way, did you hear someone say something, Justin?
Justin: Hmm? Oh, don't think so. Cool dog.

Joey G interviewed me for Channel [V] and asked me to make a music video request and dedication. I asked for Jamiroquai's 'Runaway' - I have shamed the fan community for not seeing it properly on TV yet. I caught the show, but missed my part and for the umpteenth time, the damn video.

I bumped into Alvin at the bar while I was catching up a little with my old college mate Steph; turns out they're good chums. Despite embarrassing me on TV, he is a sweet guy. And he's got his grooves down too.

It was a night of meeting great people, loving my old friends and dancing to good ol' RnB. Not to mention trying my best to look gorgeous, but never being able to get it down quite right.

Congrats to Justin Chan and Jasvinder Gill for bagging the Most Gorgeous titles. Thanks to Kelvin Tan for and Kenny Sia for some of the pix.