Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In a nutshell

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Been up and about lately. Just came back from a 4-day trip in Ipoh for the second and probably last run of Broken Bridges. The town, where the musical is based in, is small, sleepy and easy to warm up to. The performances went smoothly enough and we played to appreciative audiences. Performing at Taman Budaya was tiring for many reasons, but I learned a lot from it and there was oodles of fun to be had in between. The last show was an emotional one; such is the cycle of theatre work. I'd blog about this, but I haven't even gotten down to blogging about the first run. Eventually, eventually.

In terms of my gastric problems, the results of my urea breath test came back negative. Which is good, because that means I don't have a bacterial infection. Which is bad, because now I still have no idea what's going on. My GP has recommended me to a specialist for an endoscopy, which I have been told isn't exactly da bomb, except in terms of expenses. Doesn't look like I'm gonna be covered by insurance either. As much as I want to evade the situation, all I'm left to do is see how long I can kid myself that it's all just a case of too much Ipoh white coffee.

I've lately become more and more involved with the Remember Sheena Campaign. There was a meeting that was held at a recently-opened pet sanctuary called the Furry Friends Farm in Kluang, where many ideas were shared and it sounds like things are getting off to a refreshing start. There's tons of work to be done however, and I'm terrified of not being able to put in as much work as I would want to because of other commitments. But I'll try my bestest.

I attended Female Magazine's 50 Gorgeous People publicity gig at the magazine's bumper roadshow a few weekends ago at One Utama. (Thanks for popping by, Kelvin.) My impromptu interview there with Channel [V] made it on television a few days ago, and my little sister managed to record it. Watching the playback reveals how shamelessly flirtatious VJ Alvin was with my girly-girl persona. The 50 Gorgeous People party at Zouk is happening this coming Saturday, where the results for Most Gorgeous Man & Woman will be announced. I'm not keeping any high hopes on clinching the title, but a huge thanks goes out to all who voted and for their love and support. (The event also happens to fall on my birthday. It's nice to have a gig already organized for me, although I'm only true friends with two out of the 49. I'd like to see if I can organize a small get-together the evening before, but I've been so busy feeling old to be bothered about getting old, so it's a play-by-ear as usual.) Mix FM is organizing a contest where their listeners can win a blind date next Wednesday with 5 guys and 5 girls from the list. I'm not sure how I ended up getting selected for that, and I've never gone on a blind date before. Heck, I don't even know how to date altogether. As you can see, it's gonna be a surefire hoot.

Here's another little treat for those who missed out on the TM Net commercial I did last year. Nicholas found it whilst browsing around on YouTube! A shame it's in low resolution here as the expressions are priceless. The subtitles are in Malay, so drop me a line if you need translation.

That's it for now. Back to the usual blogging soon.


Blogger saintvamp said...

No fuss about guessable that you have been busy with something since there were no updates..^_^

Birthday on Saturday??..hmm..what to give arr..geee this is a tough one..maybe jp can gimme some weird ideas..=P

Blind Date? Huhuhu..interesting indeed..especially the commercial..hahaha so kawaii

9:22 AM  
Blogger disco-very said...

i would like a gold convertible please. and yeah, that advert still makes me laugh. :)

5:29 PM  

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