Friday, February 25, 2005

Media-frenzied, reality-bitten

So Canny Ong's murderer is sentenced to hang. That's nothing short of justified. But you know how some verdicts just seem to materialize too easily? I think a lot of people are still suspecting that it really isn't him... Like, he was forced to make a confession out of blackmail or he was paid tons to do it. Anyway, what's done has been done. Ahmad Najib, have a nice end of the world.

I was browsing through last week's newpapers when a page in the middle of a Malay Mail revealed a woman I had never before laid my almond-shaped eyes on. Lying on her stomach, tush subtly curved and head turned coyly to the camera, her perfectly symmetrical face had a smile inviting and playful, her eyes deep enough to drown in. She was pretty... nay, she was devastatingly beautiful. Her name was Fasha Sandha.

Faaassshhhaaaaahhh... Posted by Hello

I was entranced. She was what dreams were made of. Those kind of dreams where you would take a lady home, tuck her into white satin sheets, feed her fruit kebabs and serenade her with Michael Bolton ballads. Oh Fasha, you are the reason of reasons why I need to read newspapers more often.

I've been seeing a bit of American Idol, and this season is mind-blowing - it's gonna be a painful one to watch. The talent is scintillating, the names scream 'celebrity', the looks and fashion sense are model-worthy, and the support and encouragement displayed amongst the contestants is overwhelming. It seems the judges are also really impressed with this batch. The 4 people who have just gotten kicked out are already phenomenal performers. The producers must forfeit this season and give them all recording contracts! Isn't there a policy to do that when everything is obviously flawless?

On a distantly related note, I was browsing through the magazine stall and saw an Australian gossip magazine with the Outback Jack dude and another chick splashed on the cover, with the headline stating something along the lines of "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!". Hee-yah. Thanks for the spoiler, New Weekly. Okay fine, so I do think the Outback Jack dude is breathtaking. Fine, I do think that he's a lucky man to marry that fugly ditz of a girl whom he picks in the end. But don't go telling it to some magazine that gets imported to a country that has delayed runs, where it's blatantly left unwrapped on the newsstands and pleading to some broke, itchy-fingered reality show buff to pick it up and check out the scoop without even buying it. Can someone say LACK OF COMMONFRICKIN COURTESY?!? Oops there goes a blood vessel. Thanks again New Weekly.


Anonymous Ifran said...

Hmm i honestly think that the ladies from this season's idol aren't that good. Ever since last season's idol, i've used Latoya London as my benchmark..She's phenomenal.. Anyway i have to say that Anwar Robinson is my current favourite..mwaha..Mooooonnn Riveerrrr...

Ummm ok.. i hope this is not considered a spoiler but umm.. i read somewhere that the dude from Outback Jack..isn't really an outback person. He's some underwear model from Melbourne..But i could be wrong :P

9:21 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

on normal circumstances i would have crippled you so you should thank your lucky stars that my cousin from Oz already told me a spoiler or two over chinese new year. :P
Hope you've been good Ifran!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Ifran said...

Damn.. i was kinda lookin forward to getting crippled by you..damn your cousin..

Yeah i've been good..Checkin out guys in shoppin malls is considered being good right?right? heh?...Oh no..Mustn't reveal too much on the internet..

Well hope you've been good too..If you haven't..i'll give you my shrink's number

1:04 PM  
Blogger Meewuargh said...

Hey I've met fasha in real life. she's my friend's gurlfriend.

1:15 AM  

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