Wednesday, October 05, 2005


One of the perks and also pitfalls of working next to a shopping mall is the convenience of it all. Everything I would need would be attainable within minutes, be it printer ink, teatime spring rolls or a disillusioned prairie dog. It's been a while since I ventured out for some midday browsing, so I did just that today.

Extended lunch breaks are not forbidden but highly discouraged, unless you get a kick out of recieving earnest stares from the manager. I left my mobile at home so I had no record of the time except from, perhaps, the details printed out on a fresh receipt. So I did the most practical thing...

(Window shopping is unheard of in a woman's world.)

I bought a few items from the pharmacy and then got so carried away at the perfume section in the department store that I had forgotten to set aside some time to eat. I hurried to the food court, wolfed down an economy meal and ran as fast as my little kitten heels could take me back to the office.

Settling down into my chair in the still, silent air enveloping my cubicle, I've just realized that coming in 45 minutes late from lunch break wearing ruffled hair and the scent of a man does not give the most immaculate impression.


Blogger mob1900 said...

either you like musky scents or you're crave world-domination. and no, Lynx doesn't reel in hot-chicks like their commercials taunted. bah!
check out P. Smith for men.(the lime-green square bottle), doesn't last though or any of the 4 burberrys. excellent stuff!

5:46 PM  
Anonymous sub said...

scent of a men?
what might ppl think.. lol..

6:27 PM  
Blogger Albert said...

Wahaha! I haven't read such a cute funny post in quite a while.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! the impressions.... the looks.... i can so imagine! that brightened up my day. :) -LC

10:36 PM  
Blogger Amakanchi said...

Male scents smell so much better..coz they are made for female noses?! But still my favourite is "pleasures"!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Jay said...

I still don't get how you started smelling like a man?...I lost you after you wandered off into the perfume section. care to disclose more information regarding your wacky adventure through perfume(or was in cologne?) land?

11:34 AM  
Blogger burn666 said...


1:00 PM  
Anonymous sub said...

i'm thinking...
she's talking about "sweaty smell"..
after all, she did "RUN" back to office.. :P

12:21 AM  
Blogger disco-very said...

really? dang lynx. i wouldn't have minded that too much. i'll check out Paul Smith when i come across it, thanks.

yeah, it wasn't pretty. :P

cute funny post? wow, that's a new one :) thanks.

anytime. it was a rough day, that one. :P

yes i get what you mean, when i was younger i used to love wearing men's scent because i thought they smelt cooler. Pleasures is a very nice choice.

don't worry, i had men's cologne spritzed on my arm, nothing more. i think it was hilfiger's true star for men. yummay.


erm, no. i try to make make a conscious effort to stay fresh & fragrant. *try*. heheh.

6:02 PM  

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