Thursday, December 01, 2005

Seven Ways in Rainy December

Crumbling under the pressure of mob1900 and Muddy, here are my forty-two answers to six soul-searching questions.

Seven things to do before I die :
1. Bungee jump
2. Meet the remaining Beatles
3. See the Northern Lights
4. Cultivate my telepathic abilities
5. Open a can of whoop@$$ on someone who deserves it
6. Inspire the creation of an anime character
7. Find my roots

Seven things I just can't do :
1. Linguistically prove my ethnicity
2. Leave a tap dripping
3. Say 'No'
4. Sit still to old-skool disco
5. Roll my tongue
6. Parallel park
7. Set a good example to kids

Seven celebrity crushes :
'Wah-keen', not 'Joe-kwin'.Ewan2D GorillazMs. JolieJohn LegendStingI don't fancy Bruce per se, he's just a freakin' god.

Seven often used phrases/words :
1. Retard
2. Yoyoyo
3. Are you serious?
4. Shite
5. Excuse me
6. Sorry
7. Thank you

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex :
1. Benevolence
2. Creativity
3. Patience
4. Funny faces
5. An open mind
6. A love for music
7. Eyes that tell stories

Seven tags :
1. You
2. and you
3. and you
4. and you
5. and everyone else
6. including your mother
7. and her chicken too.


Blogger cheesemeister said...

That fellow with the flat cap and the cigarette looks like the type that usually staggers up to me at the bar. No wonder I've gone celibate!
Bruce Lee--now there's classic hotness! Thanks for reminding me.

7:30 PM  

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