Friday, February 10, 2006

Utterly Factual Obsession

My old schoolmate Kristin was hosting a little "Roll Your Own Sushi" party at her house. It was an evening of nostalgia as we tuned into Boyz II Men classics and laughed about imfamous classroom capers, as we stuffed our faces with Yee Sang and makeshift California Rolls.

At around midnight, we decided to call it a night and the five of us made our way out to Kristin's front gate.

Then one of my friends pointed something out in the sky.

I looked up at the abnormal constellation. The three miniscule orbs were of equal distance apart from each other, forming a perfect inverted triangle. They blinked red, then white, then red again...

These were stars.
Yeah, and my farts smell like roses.

My friends erupted into chipmunkish chatter. Meanwhile, the concept of speech and logic in general eluded me. I stood there, eyes widened to their limit, jaw loose and hanging. Cloak me in blood, dirt and Salvation Army rags and I would have easily passed off as a member of the undead gazing at sky flowers.

"Try taking pictures!" Ashvin called out to me.

Switching to paparazzi mode, I grabbed the gizmo hanging from my neck and started snapping.

Can you see it? CAN YOU SEE IT?!?!?!

(Don't worry, I can't either.)

I gave up shortly after realizing that the lights were too far away to capture on my lens, and slipped back into my undead state.

The orbs remained perfectly still, until the one on the right started shifting slowly to the left.

And then the left orb started shifting slowly to the right.

Until all three formed a perfect vertical line.

Half a minute later, they retreated behind the clouds, and dimmed out into nothingness.

It was the stuff Mulder's wet dreams were made of.

I called up my boyfriend on the spot, who didn't sound very amused with my incoherent babbling about the prospect of aliens taking over the planet.

"Are you sure it's not just a festival going on? Because I'm seeing fireworks going off all over town from my balcony..."

I refused to consider the possibility. After settling down slightly, we shared hugs and walked to our respective cars, feeling awkwardly lucky to bear witness to the thermospheric spectacle. I was hitching a ride with Helina, who was dropping Anastacia off home first. We drove deep into the Mont Kiara area, when we were met with the sight of the century.

Infiltrating the ozone were the lights again. They blinked red, then white, then red again...

The sky went 'War of the Worlds' all over our quivering @$$es.

The orbs were EVERYWHERE.

We pulled the car over and got out, the three of us cursing in hysteria.

And then Helina noticed something...

The lights were moving in the same direction the clouds were.

They were floating with the winds. And the inconsistent amber glow they possessed made it seem they were set alight from inside.

"... I think they're just lanterns, man!" Anastacia hollered, a mixed strain of relief and disappointment in her voice.

I checked the news the following morning, and sure enough, my boyfriend's suspicions were proven right. I'm not sure how the lanterns are made lighter than air and set aloft, or if what we saw was linked to the Hokkien festival, but it all made such boring sense. Damn that Jade Emperor. UFOs are way cooler.

Admittedly, I am still adamant about believing the alternate truth. For one, the orbs we saw were emanating light strong enough to pierce through the clouds. At some points they were completely stationary. And to further support our valid bemusement, one moved in the opposite direction of the winds. Lanterns just don't do that stuff.

Unless there were aliens *inside* the lanterns...

Now THAT would rock.


Blogger astrorat said...

its strange to think that i had a similar experience back in 2001. the three red lights that i saw appeared to form perfect geometric shapes in the sky. It was too perfect a formation to be "random". my gf thought that i was not getting enough sleep *sigh*. I can almost sense the excitement of witnessing this. question: what is this?

9:49 PM  
Blogger cyber-red said...

lol.. you drinking ka? maybe someone spiked the california rolls =P

10:13 PM  
Blogger Albert said...

Next time you see a pretty moon or something that is hard to capture, call me!

I see TWO identically-shaped traces of lights, one in the middle, the other to its right. Therefore your shutter speed should've been a lot faster (use S mode on your dial), and you might've zoomed too far as I can't spot the third spot.

P.S. if I walk out to the main road near my house, I can see Genting, and it looks like a space battleship floating in the sky. :D

3:13 AM  
Blogger mob1900 said...

Silly woman!

I personaly thought it was some fireball spewed out by a Dragon which will eventually follow suit... when I was 6. It didn't.
Crushed me miserably.

I developed fascination with another Dragonkin later in life, women. +P

3:43 PM  
Blogger Joy / Quilana said...

As I read that, first I thought "Heh, I'd be the life of that party with my expert sushi rolling skillzzzz" then I thought "Oh surely they were just those lanterns..." .. then now I want to believe they were more intelligent beings watching over us. ;P

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Az Samad said...

I swear I saw the same thing around the same time two years ago. It's like the way you described it, the movements were not very logical and they were very swift. Yup, I too believe UFOs would be a much cooler explanation.

3:47 AM  
Blogger sel said...

We Want To Believe!!!!

11:22 AM  
Blogger ladysappho said...

It's a Kong Ming Lantern. Kong Ming or Zhuge Liang was a famous strategist / inventor / intellectual / really darn smart guy during the period of the 3 warring states in ancient China (we are talking about the year AD200.

Among his inventions was a lantern called 'Kong Ming Deng', which was used for military signalling. It works like a hot air balloon - oil paper for the skin face, bamboo strips for the structure with a oil lantern inside.

Now people are releasing it for the CNY festivals, especially a couple of years back. It's a really beautiful sight. I've never managed to buy one tho. Anyways, its supposed to be banned in Malaysia tho (the gov is afraid that the oil lantern inside may spill after the lantern reach its altitudal limit and fall splat on some unsuspecting Malaysian ).

The other orb that moved in the opposite direction to the wind might just be a beaconing light from an aircraft.

Hey there Sel, didn't know you read this blog too. ;)


7:15 PM  
Blogger commonjack said...

you not from m'sia are you? hehehehe...but ya...y think about lanterns when you can imagine a whole spaceship surveying earth?? lol

anyway just dropping in to say...go to if you got free time...check it out...a new play that will be staged soon. i could have been in it if not for my blardy exams (you can read about it in my blog) ... spread the word! see you around! :D

don't worry about missing Going can catch me in the next one...hopefully! *Grin.

1:40 AM  
Blogger disco-very said...

thanks for sharing. i know what you mean by formations being so precise that it can't be by pure chance. my friends and i are quite certain that what we saw were not aircraft... i always like to keep the possibilities open.

well, i did drink a lot of apple cider...

yeah, i must let you play with my camera one of these days. i still have a lot to learn about its capabilities.

wow. dragons beat santa by light years.

i like the way your pattern of thought. and maybe one of these dark and stormy nights, you can teach me how to roll my sushi.

it's easy for people to be skeptical until they witness a sighting for themselves. and even if they stick to science, it is nevertheless an unforgettable show. thanks for sharing!

then you shall! *waves magic wand*

wow, thanks very much ming for the elaborate explanation. I was extremely curious about the lanterns and the occasion. although the thought of guerilla oil is intimidating. :P

yes, i must apologize for not being able to catch Going North. thanks for the link, it looks like an interesting piece to watch. shame you won't be able to join this time, it would be nice to see you performing on stage with a stellar cast again. it makes me very proud to know you. :P see ya soon dude.

4:35 PM  
Blogger J said...


I can't see anything!


So many different explanations.... but I guess the truth is out there...

*X-files theme playing in the background*

9:34 PM  

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