Monday, December 11, 2006

Green grass of home

Sometime last month, I was having a casual text conversation with Shoba from the Remember Sheena Campaign, when she mentioned a trip she was planning to a farm cum sanctuary for abandoned pets and stray animals. I thought it would make an interesting visit, although the Saturday she had been eyeing would have been a tight one for me, with a birthday party the night before and musical rehearsals that very afternoon. Shoba, bless her cotton socks, arranged the outing with my schedule in mind and together with other RSC supporters, we all hopped into our cars and set off to Kundang that bright weekend morning.

It took us a while to get there due to the jam in Sungei Buloh and the plethora of potholes decorating the roads along the way. Some spots reminded me of my father's hometown, and I was unaware of such village serenity existing so close to home.

The place is called the Furry Friends Farm, run by an elderly couple with the help of Sabrina Yeap, a woman whom I could possibly deem one the revolutionaries of animal welfare in Malaysia.

This place literally goes to to dogs.

This girl welcomed us at the gate, although from a distance. When I got nearer to her she started to cower. She's probably had a lot of bad experiences with humans before.

The place is still very new so were are only a handful of dogs around. Sabrina explained that she's also going to establish a cattery at the farm very soon.

She's also aiming for the farm to be self-sustainable. Three other men help out on the farm; one of their jobs includes tending to the garden patches, like chilies or as seen here, a plant (sorry forgot the name) that is traditionally though not often used to alleviate cancer. The farm also retails its own range of pet care products.

Yes, city folk do get quite captivated with the sight of a durian growing straight from the tree.

This pooch reminds me of Crystal.

If I was an animal, I would so love to retire here.

Me and Nick, an RSC supporter and amazing human being as I will elaborate on in a little while.

The makeshift family emerging from the makeshift kitchen...

...which isn't much, but something all the same.

This is Goldie. She digs my Konica Minolta. Remind you of any particular fad of distorted canine faces?

After this outing, Sabrina took these two pups to a pet adoption spot in Sri Hartamas. I do hope they've found a good home.

We shifted over to another part of the farm for lunch, where the mosquitoes were a bit more forgiving.

Shoba made some heavenly vegetarian burgers, Cynthia brought some tuna sandwiches, Uma presented a tub of veggie samosas and Nick prepared some vegeterian prawns and cocktail sausages. I was supposed to bring a pandan chiffon cake, but left it on my front porch at home.

We got to know a bit more about each other over some munching and a discussion quickly ensued about RSC's current and future efforts. Nick announced his plans to introduce a new concept to the local food industry: that all places where meat, dairy, egg or poultry products come from would operate with animal welfare being a top priority. I've always been partial to the idea, and I'm elated to find out about someone with the courage to get up and do something about it. Such a concept may sound out of this world for the average Malaysian, but we all have the belief that it just might work if we put our heads to it.

Nick and Shoba leaving some extra food in the kitchen for the workers, and for the doggies too if they were nice.

It would have been nice to stay on and enjoy the country air, but my director has never held high regards for Malaysian time.

Whenever I speak my mind about animal welfare, it's usually a plain explanation to those who wish to know what really gets on my t*ts. With these guys, it was a splurge in the vernacular. And which better place to indulge than at a God-sent haven for our furry mates. I think I've found a new comfort zone.

Thanks to Shoba for some of the pix!

You can check out more of the outing at the Remember Sheena blog. You can also share your views on Nick's Humane Society project at this forum. The Furry Friends Farm is located at:
Lot 6171, Kampung Baru Kundang, 40850 Kundang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Blogger Vlad said...

So all dogs do go to heaven.

Good for them.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Natasha said...


Excellent article... do you mind if I put a link to this article? Wish I was there...the farms looks amazing!!!

Take care..

3:27 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

indeed they do. and the movie by the same name was awesome too.

sure thing, thanks very much. wish you were able to come but there's always next time. take care too!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous pugly said...

It's one of my lifelong dream to open an animal sanctuary just like that one ...

It's much better to love an animal than a human being sometimes.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous inaesb said...

So much love. If only there were more people like these..

11:10 PM  
Blogger disco-very said...

someone got to it before us, but i doubt we have any reason to complain. :) and yes i agree, love is in its best form when it's instinctual.

i wish so too. thanks.

4:58 PM  

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