Monday, March 14, 2005

Name is Vina, Duuuuh Vina

Being a huge fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway, I treated my family out to an improv comedy show over the weekend. It's a very different experience when you're watching it live. Those Comedysportz players were masters of their craft - I found myself perpetually clutching my sides to keep my lunch from exploding through my epidermis. At one point I got ingeniusly conned into getting on stage to help play a game ("No volunteers? Ok, whoever is wearing shoes, please put your hand up...")

One of the players and I had act out a made-up movie scene and speak in a made-up foreign language, and the other 2 players would have to translate for the audience what we were saying. As someone who always acts stupid, always talks gibberish and always gets laughed at, I had never felt so comfortable on a stage before. Ah, it pays to be a born doofus. Watch your back Tolkien, I'll be creating new languages before you can say gofinaziteekamakamachameleon.


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LOL you just reminded me to blog about something, which I just did, so click on my blog. :)

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